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VA Benefits



38 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations



Veterans Benefits Handbooks


2013 Federal Benefits for Veterans.pdf

2012 Veterans Health Guide.pdf


Compensation and Benefits Handbook for Seriously Injured.pdf



Wounded Warriors Handbook for Injured Soldiers.pdf



2011 Benefits for Veterans Handbook DOD Publication.pdf



Homeloan benefits.doc



Seventeenth Annual Homeless Veteran Report.pdf



US Dept of Justice Disability Rights.pdf





VA Benefits on Line



VA Benefits - Monetary Rate Charts



Service Connedted Disability Benefits


Disability Compensation (new).pdf

Special Monthly Compensation SMC (new version).pdf


Individual Unemployability TDIU (new version).pdf

Dependent Parent and Veterans Compensation.doc

Presumption Compensation Disabilities (new version).pdf


History of VA Disability Presumptions.pdf



Discussion of VA Disability Presumptions.pdf



Veterans Preference.pdf

Automobile allowance.doc



Automobile Adaptive Equipment.doc



home modification benefits.doc


Incarcerated veterans.doc


Some Tips for Filing a VA Disability Claim.doc








Non Service Connected Disability Pension Benefits

Disability pension (new version).pdf

Special Monthly Pension (SMP).pdf


Pension program info.pdf

VA Sample Letter FINAL NO EVR Ltr.doc


VA Press Release 12-20 Eligibility Verification Report Final.docx


VA Flyer Cancellation of EVRS FINAL 12-19-12.doc




FL 12-23 Medical Expense Consideration.doc





attendant affidavit.pdf


Death Survivor Benefits

Benefits for Surviviors VA Pam 21-03-1.pdf


Death pension (new version).pdf

Dependents Indemnity Compensation DIC (new version).pdf

Dependents Indemnity Compensation DIC Parents (new version).pdf




Death Burial Benefits

FL 11 26 Burial and Plot Allowance.doc


Burial (new version).pdf

Burial flag.doc



Burial in private cemetery.pdf



Burial in VA cemetery.pdf






Headstone medallion.pdf



Presidential Memorial Certificate.pdf



Military funeral honors.pdf