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Herbicide Exposure Claims




Agent Orange Exposure


Agent Orange and Birth Defects



Agent Orange Exposure Related Disabilities - Criteria

38 cfr 3.307 presumptive criteria.doc



38 cfr 3.309 presumptive diseases.doc



38 cfr 3.816 Nehmer provision.doc


Herbicide Presumptive Diseases.doc



Herbicides used outside vietnam DOD list.pdf



C and P Bulletin 5-10 Thailand AO use.pdf



C and P Bulletin December 2011 AO in Thailand.doc


C and P Bulletin 5-11 Blue Water ships list guidelines.doc



List of Ships 1-31-14.doc

Ships Deck Logs Research.doc



Ships Deck Logs Content.doc


C and P bulletin 12-08 Haas Case.pdf



C and P Bulletin 04-09 amended bulletin NHL.doc



Herbicides VA CIRCULAR 21-90-11 Vietnam Service NHL.pdf



Herbicide use in Korea units.doc



Agent Orange Review newsletter July 2010.pdf



Dioxin in South Korea.doc



Press Release IOM 5-20-11 Blue Water Ships.doc



Agent Orange Review newsletter July 2010.pdf



FL 11-01 Nehmer Claims.doc



FL 11-02 Processing Herbicide claims.doc