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Post 9/11 GI Bill Program



Post 911 GI Bill Changes handout updated 8-12-11.doc


VA Press Release 8-4 on GI Bill Changes.doc

VA Press Release GIBill expansion.doc



A Roundup of Changes to the GI Bill.doc




Post 9 11 GI Bill General Information.doc



Post 9 11 GI Bill Eligibility and Payments.doc



Post 9 11 GI Bill School Responsibilities.doc



Post 9 11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program.doc



Changes to the Yellow Ribbon Program.doc




Post 9 11 GI Bill Transferability.doc




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Vocational Rehabilitation Program


Ch31 Vocational Rehabilitation Program 1.doc



Ch31 Vocational Rehabilitation Program 2.doc



Chapter 31 Regulation Change 8-1-11.doc



Changes to Chapter 31 Subsistence Allowance 8-1-11.doc




Dependants Education Program


Ch35 Dependant Education Program.doc




Prior Veterans Education Programs


Ch32 Post Vietnam Education Program.doc



Ch30 Montgomery GI Bill.doc





VRAP Educational Program


VOW Flyer 9 14 12.pdf







Work Study.doc